Communal violence

The bill made communal violence, including hate propaganda, punishable by law and also allowed for prevention and control of communal violence, speedy investigation and trials, and rehabilitation of victims.

But the Kathua rape and murder this year should be warning for an India that has been veering dangerously toward right wing hatred and vigilantism.

News: Several people killed in another communal violence in western Ethiopia

With Congress president and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi batting for civil rights and minority groups in the six-year-long battle for a law on communal violence, the law ministry has completely rewritten the widely criticized draft prepared by the home ministry.

However, things have taken a more grim turn in Hindutva vigilantes have been targeting religious minorities especially the Muslims over cow slaughter and eating beef ever since the BJP, led by now prime minister Narendra Modi, who came to power in When a society mainstreams any kind of violence, women are the ones that bear the brunt of it.

Attacks on minority communities — online and offline — have increased manifold. Local people, who described unrest in both Christian and Muslim areas of the state capital, said troops were also seen on the city's streets. Even when Sufi saints came in Sri Lanka and built mosques, they had no problem with other communities and there was no religious disharmony at all.

Iqbal Athas reported from Colombo, Sri Lanka. At Srirangam, the invading army desecrated the shrine and killed 12, unarmed ascetics. The new bill, currently being vetted by the home ministry, has incorporated most of the demands made by activists, said a highly placed source in the law ministry.

This seems to be the case in Kandy as well. Amir Shah Malik and Ali Sultan Tawachi, with trusty men, proceeded against them, and falling upon them with the sword despatched them to hell.

After crossing those rivers, hills and many depths, An order was accordingly given that the Brahman, with his tablet, should be brought into the presence of the Sultan Lodi dynasty — [ edit ] Religious violence and persecution continued during the reign of the two significant Lodi dynasty rulers, Bahlul Khan Lodi and Sikandar Lodi.

In February, clashes left at least 10 people dead and hundreds of homes and businesses burned. On that Sunday, the 17th of the month, the whole place was pillaged, and several places in Jahan-panah and Siri were destroyed. Justice for her would entail not just prosecution of the perpetrators but also a sustainable deterrent against communally motivated crimes.

Communal violence

Steve George wrote from Hong Kong. Those found, including Tarikh-i Mubarak-Shahi describe continued religious violence.

Which is exactly what had happened, and happens in every conflict situation. Or a Sajjan Kumar would face speedy trial for a like anti-Sikh riots. The aim of this article is to explore the communal violence in Sri Lanka and find out the root causes and mechanisms to solve such conflicts in the future.

Communal violence in Sri Lanka targets Muslim minorities

Communal violence is not a new phenomenon in the country. Throughout history there have been many incidents of communal violence among the. Violence can fall along religious, occupational, and ethnic lines.

Communal Violence

There is also a criminal dimension with cattle rustling, though that does not appear to have played a role in this particular. BJP Is Using Communal Violence to Torpedo Emerging Alliances in Bihar, UP Nitish Kumar is now a helpless junior ally of Hindutva leaders in the state.

There is a political-geographical pattern to. Communal violence spiked inrising by 17 percent, with the number of incidents increasing to instances, from ’s incidents. The rise effectively stops the downward trend of What is the background to the recent outbreak of communal violence in Burma's Rakhine state?

Concentrated almost exclusively in the townships of Maungdaw and Buthidaung in the northern corner of the Rakhine state on the Bangladesh border, the Rohingya are a subset of a larger Muslim population that extends throughout Burma.

Worsening communal violence, as well as weak efforts to help stop the violence, only further serve the interests of jihadist groups operating throughout Mali. By openly taking sides in the violence, the central government in Bamako continues to lose legitimacy among the civilians of central Mali.

Communal violence
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