Drum major

Leadership Being a leader means going the extra mile. Effective communication is crucial. Salutes range in complexity from a simple hand-gesture to complicated routines involving many members of the band. Since the selection committee often has to decide based on criteria that the full band may not know for example, what was said in the private interviewthe result of the vote is for the information of the committee only.

Equipment[ edit ] The examples and perspective in this section may not represent a worldwide view of the subject. Part of this tryout section is to see how well each person "thinks on their feet. Communication Every Drum Major must understand when and how to give the proper commands.

During the s and prior it was not uncommon for a stationary drum major to do a high-lift mark time on the podium for an audible and visual tempo ; with the arrival of increasingly higher drum major platforms and thus greater visibility this has become both dangerous and unnecessary. They must tryout and earn their positions each year.

Our students get 1-on-1, hands-on training with music educators at the top of their field. Teaching We teach teaching: Marching band conducting follows an established rubric.

A group of at least six student volunteers are needed to act as a small band for the candidates to teach. During dance routines, they often move along with the bands. We work with the best.

drum major

However, capability is the main qualification for appointment: In the absence of the band director, the drum major often carries the authority of the director or instructor and assumes complete leadership over the band.

Replacement If the director feels that any drum major is not performing their job at the level required for the best interests of the band, they may be pulled from the job and replaced by the assistant drum major.

Students are asked to list their first choice for drum major first, their second choice second, etc. Patterns Drum majors may each have a different style of conducting.

Students are evaluated on their confidence, clarity of instruction and ability to work with the group. The Field Section The purpose of this section is to see how well a student can conduct a band in a field show situation.

Next, they perform an introductory routine and, following that, give the command to start the band.

Drum Major

The Field Section The purpose of this section is to see how well a student can conduct a band in a field show situation. Mace Military bands, civilian brass bands and pipe bands generally use a mace for giving signals and commands while marching.

Many college bands have drum majors who are very much part of the visual element of a field show. Any other majors are placed on yard lines closer to the end zone, or to the rear of the band for about-turn maneuvers.

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Leader The drum major position is one of leadership, instruction, and group representation, but usually not administrative duties. The insignia of appointment is four point-up chevrons worn on a wrist-strap whilst in shirt-sleeve order, or four large point-up chevrons worn on the uniform sleeve, surmounted by a drum.

Each person then instructs the group to the best of their ability. They often command the band as an independent unit even off the playing field, and are treated according to their rank.

Since the drum major is part of the battalion staff, he wears a crimson sash instead of scarlet, and dresses as a warrant officer regardless of his rank. As with all positions in The Ohio State University Marching Band, becoming drum major takes an incredible amount of hard work and dedication.

In order to earn the position of either head or assistant drum major, a student must have been a member of D-Row, the drum major training squad, for at least one season.

D-Row tryouts take place during the same time as the marching band members in early. Role and Responsibilities of the Drum Major: by Rick Wilson. The drum major is the leader of the marching band during rehearsals and in performance.

Want to be The Dynamic Drum Major?

His/her job is to carry-out the instructions of the band director and other instructional staff regarding what needs to be done with the band. Online shopping from a great selection at Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry Store.


George N. Parks Drum Major Academy has been developing Drum Majors & inspiring student leaders since Training tomorrow's leaders for 40 years. Jul 12,  · How to Be a Drum Major.

Drum major

Being a drum major is much more than bellowing a few commands. It is also teaching and leading, conducting, and making important decisions.A good drum major can inspire a group to perform its best%(). Product Features My daughter is the drum major tshirt top for a band Dad or Mom.

Drum major
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