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What technical term is given to the above process. State how the profits will be divided between partners and prepare CapitalAccounts. Government could give financial assistance to Christian professional colleges in terms of infrastructural developments.

The present composition of each of these Zonal Councils is as under: This should be done in a transparent way. We need to evolve minority friendly, Christian friendly, user friendly approach to build an inclusive society which alone will ensure sustainable development.

Outstanding Subscription for received in ,Add: Income and Expenditure Account Cr. Making recommendations upon any such subject and in particular recommendations for the better coordination of policy and action with respect to that subject; and 3.

But things did not go according to plan. Government need to do much more for this community to attain sustainable development. Showing your working notes clearlypass the necessary adjusting Journal entry.

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Then everything gets all right again. Implementation of policy for minority institute in admission quota for all states.

At the end ofthesubscriptions outstanding for were 1, This proverb holds good from ecological point of view. Upgradation of skill through technical training A very large proportion of the population of minority communities is engaged in low-level technical work or earns its living as handicraftsman.

Numerically Christians are a small community and often financially very weak.

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Organic farming is one of the ways of conserving natural resources, as it allows maximum utilisation of the resources. May I conclude with the words of Swami Vivekananda.

Going beyond the barriers of caste, creed and nationality Christians have extended their service to those in the cities as well as in remote villages.

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One can enjoy nature by giving up greed'. Under article 5 the recommendation made by the Chief Election Commissioner shall have to be based on intelligible and cogent considerations because article 5 is designed to protect the independence of the Election Commissioners and more importantly to protect the Election Commissioners as a body from political or executive arbitrations.

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Just because of this reason, the load of pollution in these rivers increases, as people throw many things in the name of puja. For the presentation in base 64 the prefix 2 has been added, because the length of the file in bytes generates by the division by 3 the remainder 2.

The Court stated that the power of superintendence direction, control and conduct of elections shall be interpreted in the light of holding fair and free elections in the country.

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