My haunted story

Two apparitions are commonly sighted here, one being a man and the other a woman, both in 18th century attire. I said "no, what is your REAL name". Mannis also wrote that after acquiring the box, he met with a series nightmares. The last bit of activity occurs in room 3 where strange lights are observed and electrical devices seem to have a mind of their own — like blaring to life when turned off or unplugged.

When I looked back, it was in the middle of my room. Priscilla has been seen wandering throughout the house and has interacted with people on occasion. A total of 11 ghosts are said to haunt this house, some of which died in the ferry accident while others include a slave and former owner of the house.

He then said "I was murdered". Yes, there are haunted houses in America found in each of the 50 states.


If it were not for a guy that had been working there that night, my dad wouldn't be here. Even his brother returned the box stating that it smelled like cat urine.

There was also a well down there at one point but my dad took that out as well. During its time as a tavern and inn, it was mostly frequented by mariners and others of a rough sort. The aftereffects of her malicious actions are still felt to this day, however, as extreme paranormal occurrences have been routinely reported at the mansion ever since the midth century.

Crazy Haunted House Stories When it comes to haunted houses, everyone has stories. And the little kids that I heard laughing and running and felt jumping on my bed at night time are her children.

The True Stories About Real Haunted Houses When it comes to happenings such as murders or being home to outrageous personalities, haunted house stories may be a bit on the outrageous side.

Apparitions are often seen on the second floor and laughter is heard there as well. When his wife was forced to sell their house a few years after his death, his ghost began to appear regularly throughout the house and grounds, where it is still seen to this day. Footsteps, especially pacing, are often heard, along with occasional music.

My Haunted House

My Family and Our Ghosts. 19 November | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters I’m currently 21, and I know that my childhood house is haunted. Since I was little I had always heard strange things, weird noises at night and strange feelings when I was alone.

Most people love good haunted house stories and it seems that the more lurid it can possibly be, the better. Everyone has probably been exposed to the typical ghost story involving creepy houses with a terrifying specter that sends residents running out screaming, but, alas, these are just stories.

We are interested in true stories from readers like you, if you had a real experience related to ghosts, spirits and haunted places, especially if you are a paranormal. May 04,  · My guess is that they don't wanna have to compensate a family if they stumble upon a story that they wanna exploit into a full-length movie, like what happened with The Haunting in Connecticut.

I still watch the show--sort of/10(). In fact, the story of Dybbuk Box received so much hype that it eventually managed to get on the big screen of Hollywood by the name “The Possession”.


Even weird, a whole website is dedicated to the so called haunted box. The Amityville Horror House, Amityville, NY (Real Life Haunted House) Perhaps one of the most controversial as well as frightening haunted houses in the country, this rather unassuming small town house was nevertheless the site of a very real mass murder.

My haunted story
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