Writing absolute value inequalities in interval notation

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But, fractions are your friends and I really hope you don't treat all of your friends that way. Absolute Values the Geometric Way I have no problem with using the geometric approach to solving absolute value inequalities. And I could actually write it like this.

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Then solve the linear inequality that arises. Using inequalities this group of numbers could be notated like this: More information is available on this project's attribution page.

And if there's any topic in algebra that probably confuses people the most, it's this. However, rational functions are not. If you're willing to plug the values back into the original problem, you can change over to an equal sign, get rid of the fractions, and find the critical numbers.

This means that this group of numbers starts at 5 and continues for values greater than 5. The answer to this case is always no solution. For example, 5 and -5 both have an absolute value of 5 because both are 5 units from 0.

And finally, we will use closed or shaded circles to show that -3 and 7 are included. What do you get. You subtract 3 from both sides. Be sure you do not include any endpoint that would cause division by zero if included.

Well, by now, hopefully interval notation is clear to you. In 7 years, Ellie will be old enough to vote in an election. This will definitely help you solve the problems easily.

Write the rational inequality in standard form so that the right side is zero. We can write this interval notation as What is the geometric meaning of x-y. Polynomial Inequalities Polynomials are continuous. Let's do a harder one. So let's draw 0 here. If you're going to change from being less than zero to being greater than zero and you can't pick up your pencil, then at some point, you must cross the x-axis.

If we divide both sides by a positive number, the inequality is preserved. Find the places where the function is undefined because of division by zero. Denote this with a closed dot on the number line and a square bracket in interval notation.

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C A ray, beginning at the point 0. Rational Inequalities Rational inequalities are similar to polynomials, but there is an extra temptation and an extra place where critical numbers could occur. This pattern holds true for all inequalities—if they are multiplied by a negative number, the inequality flips.

Let's start with the absolute value of x is less than And you really should visualize a number line when you do this, and you'll never get confused then. Writing the set for this figure in interval notation can be confusing.

x can belong to two different intervals, but because the intervals don’t overlap, you have to write them separately. The first interval is x. Section Absolute Value Equations and Inequalities Objective 1: Solving an Absolute Value Equation The absolute value of a number x, written as x, represents the distance from a number x to 0 on the number line.

Consider the equation in interval notation. Solve the inequality. Watch video · That's my number line. I have negative I have negative So the solution is, I can either be greater than 29, not greater than or equal to, so greater than 29, that is that right there, or I could be less than negative So any of those are going to satisfy this absolute value inequality.

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The algebra worksheets below will introduce your students to solving inequalities. Inclusive inequalities with the “or equal to” component are indicated with a closed dot on the number line and with a square bracket using interval notation. Strict inequalities without the “or equal to” component are indicated with an open dot on the number line and a parenthesis using interval notation.

Writing absolute value inequalities in interval notation
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Section 5 - Solve Absolute Value Inequalities